2014 August - Archive

Good Morning Greens Smoothie I believe that beauty starts from within & so does glowing skin. I started drinking this shake about a year ago & it has done wonders for my skin. I’ve always had problem skin, breakouts & oily in places & just dull looking.  I was spending tons of $$$ on acne Read more ..

If you’re like me and often have those bad hair days or just didn’t feel like washing it. This is the perfect option & you will still look really cute! I wore this style the other day & received so many compliments & girls asking;  “how long did that take?” They couldn’t believe it’s only Read more ..

I’m always in search of new beauty products, whether department store or drug store brands. I don’t discriminate! Some of the cheaper drugs store brands have some amazing products, that work just as good as the $$$ stuff. Get ALL 3 for $24.00 Here’s  a great option if you’re like me and luv a perfect Read more ..