About Me


Hey Gorgeous! First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the interest in visiting my site and getting to know me. My name is Tami Donaldson. I’ve been a professional model basically my whole life. It all began when I was 15 years old. I feel so lucky & blessed to have made a living as a working model for so many years.

Working as a model is not where my obsession with makeup began…

I have always loved makeup ever since I can remember. Playing dress up & getting into my Mom’s makeup drawer as a little girl was probably my favorite thing to do. Now, that I’ve had the opportunity to “play dress up” for many years as a model, I’m so excited to work on the other side of the camera. I have been doing other models makeup on my photo shoots for so many years, it never dawned on me that makeup would be my next profession. But, what a pleasant and delightful job it has become. “I love what I do, doing what I love”

I absolutely love working with models & photographers on photo shoots. Creating an amazing photo at the end of the day is so rewarding & not to mention fun in the process. But, I also LOVE working with brides. The wedding day is such a special moment in a girl’s life & to be part of that is a blessing alone. When a bride is smiling from ear to ear and she looks and feels GORGEOUS as a bride should on their wedding day, that is what it’s all about. But, I also have a lot of clients who often want to look extra special for an event or just a night out on the town with their girlfriends or husband.

Makeup can make or break a photo shoot, event, or wedding, so I know the importance of a skilled & dedicated make up artist. I also know a little bit of make up can go a loooong way. Makeup doesn’t need to be over done to be beautiful. But, by accentuating the beautiful & unique features of every client to achieve the desired look.

The client needs to not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful, which is always the most important factor when it comes to makeup. If they do not “feel” good, the pictures will not look good.

My passion, dedication, and life long career working in the modeling industry has prepared me for a successful and dynamic career in make up artistry. I’m so excited & I take pride in not only achieving what is conventionally desired, but also in my ability to hear & meet the needs and desires of every client. My goal is to make you FEEL & LOOK GORGEOUS!

I feel so blessed to have worked with & learned from some of THE best makeup artists in the business in Los Angeles & Miami.

Now, Let’s Get Gorgeous!


Specializing in AIRBRUSH & HD makeup for; Print, Film, Weddings, & Special Events
Natural, Beauty, Glamour, & Commercial Makeup