Affordable Nude/Natural Lip combo

I’m always in search of new beauty products, whether department store or drug store brands. I don’t discriminate! Some of the cheaper drugs store brands have some amazing products, that work just as good as the $$$ stuff. Get ALL 3 for $24.00

Here’s  a great option if you’re like me and luv a perfect nude/natural shade.

I came across these lil gems & had to share them with you!

NYX lipliner in Vanilla Sky

This liner has been one of my favorite liners for a few reasons. The shade is a perfect nude and it’s a very creamy formula, so it glides on very smooth. I hate the liners that are so dry & you practically exfoliate your lips to get it on. Eeww! :cry:
It’s retractable!!! This just eliminates an extra step in the makeup process, not having to sharpen & not too mention wasting half the product in the sharpener, then breaking the tip off when sharpening. Grrrr :twisted: Just a simple twist and you are ready to LINE!
Last but not least, it’s WATER PROOF too! This is always a plus, plus, plus for me!
ONLY $4.50  and that makes this find a lil prettier!
Normally, I like to use 3 products on my lips~ Liner, Lipstick, then top it off with gloss. More layers, the longer it will last, right, or maybe I’m just makeup obsessed! hehe
The 2nd product is like a CREAMY lipstick that goes on like a gloss. SCORE!!!

Rimmel London, Show Off Lip Lacquer in Nude Eclipse

And, the shade is such a pretty nude color. Feels so smooth on your lips, not sticky or dry. Blends perfectly with the NYX liner. It kinda has a more matte appearance, which is nice at times, if you don’t want anything shiny.

And…I can’t wait to try these other shades!
The last product is actually a Sephora brand gloss.

Rose Petal Shiny 50.

I love this color on top of many different shades of nude and pinks. It’s not sticky at all, but still pretty shiny, which is a hard combo to find in a gloss. I love the applicator tip, it’s wider than most and makes reapplying while out & about really simple.
This is a great gloss to also wear alone, when you want just a hint of color & shine.
This is the most costly, but still a deal & it’s a BIG tube.
$14.00 at Sephora
Hope you girls enjoy these lippies just as much as I do! MUUUaaahhh!!!

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