Quick & Simple Boho Style Updo

If you’re like me and often have those bad hair days or just didn’t feel like washing it. This is the perfect option & you will still look really cute!


I wore this style the other day & received so many compliments & girls asking;  “how long did that take?” They couldn’t believe it’s only 10 minutes.

So, for best results I would def start with dirty hair.  I know this may sound weird, but I find a day or even a couple days dirty hair is so much easier to pin up and work with since it has more texture.

Dry Shampoo is one of my best friends!!!   Not joking! I use this ALL the time. I don’t like to wash my hair everyday, so in between I use this.

This is my favorite brand and these 2 scents smell SOOO good too! It doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it feel dirty ( like other dry shampoos, I won’t name those) eeww!!! And, I can’t live without Tangle Teezer Brush. It’s to help breakage when brushing wet hair & really gets out the tangles easily. But I use it on dry hair too!

photo 5

Boho Updo STeps

  • spray some dry shampoo (even on clean hair) to add texture and volume to the top of your head and roots.
  • comb hair smooth with a deep part to one side
  • part hair into 3 sections- pin the 2 side sections out of the way
  • divide large back section into 2
  • braid each section so you have 2 loose braids in the back of your head
  • loosen (pancake) braids so they are full & messy (you don’t want neat tight braids for this style)
  • tie off braids with clear bands
  • If you want to add a headband, comb bangs down onto forehead and apply band ( I like adding this since it holds bangs in place & you can, pull up the hair at the crown a bit to give it volume, without pinning)
  • start to twist one of the braids & bobby pin as you twist into place
  • as you get to the bottom of braid tuck clear band under pinned section to hide & pin into place
  • do the same with the second braid (if you have VERY thick or a lot of hair you can do this with more braids. You don’t want braids to be very thick or heavy, since it’s harder to pin securely)
  • once it’s all pinned, just play with it and loosen up spots or move pieces around till you get what you like (there’s really no right or wrong~ that’s the great thing about this style)
  • finally play with side sections in front and pin loosly towards the back
  • pull out some pices towards the face, to give it a more romantic feel!
  • VIOLA!!!!  Boho Chic in 1o minutes!

Hope you enjoy !!!

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